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QR codes: A treasure hunt

Here's another classroom idea for using mobile devices and QR codes. It's a simple idea, based around the concept of a treasure or scavenger hunt, where students need to find specific information in various locations. In this case, my international students in the UK...

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Digital literacies 5: Remix in the classroom

“Remix? What’s that got to do with English language teachers? Our job to teach language, not mess around with digital stuff…”

Giving regular workshops about digital literacies, this is a reaction that I often get when we talk about remix literacy, arguably one of the more complex of the literacies. But let’s back up here. First, what is it?

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Using Moodle 2.2: Tutorial videos

If you use Moodle as your VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) of choice you’re not alone. The latest statistics from the Moodle community site are impressive: over 1 million teachers and over 68 million students in 232 countries use it. Whether you are thinking of dipping your toes in the waters of VLEs, or whether you are already confidently swimming around in Moodle, you may find the Moodle tutorial videos below helpful.

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No e-reader? No problem.

  Would you like to read e-books from Amazon but you don't own an e-reader? No problem. In the last few weeks I've received several queries from readers wondering how they can read my e-book Webinars: a Cookbook for Educators, without a Kindle e-reader. Here's...

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