I’ve been running a series of workshops about mLearning around Australia, for English language teachers. One of the first things I ask is what participants understand by the term.

Below are responses collected from a group of teachers face-to-face (f2f) in Brisbane, on paper. And below that are some of the responses from teachers online via Facebook, solicited at the same time. Several of the f2f teachers mention what they perceive of as the ‘futuristic’, ‘new world’, ‘cutting edge’ element of mobile learning. But not one of the online respondents does. Maybe they access Facebook via their mobile devices. Or maybe the fact that they are answering online means they are already very tech savvy…

The f2f workshop responses:


Some of the Facebook responses (there were too many to inlcude in one post, so check my Facebook page for more):

So, how would you define ‘mobile learning’? Please feel free to add your take on it in the Comments below!

Nicky Hockly
The Consultants-E
September 2012