Going mobile
To celebrate the recent publication of our new book Going Mobile (co-authored with Gavin Dudeney), we’re sharing a number of activities you can try out with your students, to get them using mobile devices as part of the their language learning. The first activity we shared (Addicted!) requires no devices at all in class. The second activity (Twitter celebrities) encourages students to start using the ‘text’ function of their mobile phones with Twitter. The third activity, Time will tell, gets students creating photo collage ‘time capsules’ by using the camera function of  their mobile devices. This fourth activity, called ‘Follow me!’ uses audio clues to guide students on a treasure/scavenger hunt. We recommend Audioboom (was Audioboo) for creating the audio clues, but you can use any audio recording app for this. (Click on the activity itself to make it bigger).


If you  try this activity with your students, let me know how it goes, in the Comments box below!

Nicky Hockly
The Consultants-E
May 2015